ROD500 + Cabinet(s)

Set of ROD500 amplifier and one or two ROD112N/ROD112F cabinets.

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Category: Sets
Warranty: 2 years
ROD500 + Cabinet(s)

By purchasing this set, you will save either 99€ (one cab), or 198€ (two cabs). Please specify the exact type of cabinet(s) in the order notes. You have two cabinet options to choose from. Either ROD112N with a neodymium magnet, or ROD112F with a ferrite magnet. In case you choose two cabinets, you can naturally select from three combinations: N+N, F+F, or N+F. ROD112F is heavier than ROD112N by approximately 4kg, but it offers more rock-solid low-end.

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Sales temporarily suspended. We are preparing a new version of the product.

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